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Fishing Tools Review from 2008

I have always been a fan of lake topo maps for many reasons. The obvious is locating those off-shore or mid lake fish holding spots like breaks, humps, holes and channels without running all over the lake searching. I remember 12-14 years ago thinking it would be really cool if these maps could be incorporated into the displays of our sonar systems. Well, as you may be aware, electronic maps are available and you do not have to own one of those $900+ units to take advantage of these. We have a couple handheld Lowrance GPS units and did some resources on available maps and made calls to NAVIONICS, Inc. Their great technical support people answered all my questions and assisted us in making correct mapping decisions. Our decision was easy to go with the NAVIONICS HotMaps Premium Lake Map cards since they offer the most number of lakes for the cost with many in High-Definition on select lakes and even offer you discounts for upgrades or trade-ins later. (which we did, upgraded 7-years later to New Maps at low cost)
Once we made our purchase and put the HotMap card into use, I had a couple concerns and more questions. Not only were my concerns addressed and met quickly, but tech support also assisted me in updating the software on our GPS unit. The integrity of this company for resolving issues and their knowledge make them one of the leaders in lake map chips. We could hardly wait to hit the water this spring to make a couple short trips to area lakes familiarizing ourselves with the HotMaps.
Our 1st big trip was to Kentucky Lake and prior to leaving home I scrolled through the HotMap in areas we would fish saving way points on humps, breaks and where creek channels intersect. Once on the lake we boated directly to these spots while following the secondary river channel and caught fish.
Prior to our Rend Lake tournament, I again saved way points for submerged foundations, humps, sharp breaking points and other underwater structures shown on this HotMap card. Again, we not only went right to these spots during a fogging tournament morning, but our GPS and HotMap display helped us maneuver safely through bridge openings while following the channel and once to our spot, we had our limit shortly after the fog lifted.
These maps are so accurate and detailed you can locate slight changes in bottom and other structures in a lake. Finding fish and fish holding spots is the goal of most anglers and as fishing enthusiasts we now are not limited to spots we know about but have a virtual guide on unfamiliar lakes.
As serious anglers the superior underwater structure detail of the NAVIONICS HotMaps make them a great choice and easiest to use, just plug it in and it is ready to use. We recommend you check into them at
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