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We have been asked this question many times.
Fishing provides us with time to unwind from the pressures of life and a way to relax or simply have fun and we so much love every minute of fishing with each other, our family and friends.
We are so crazy about fishing that we will go every chance we get and we really enjoy the pursuit of the multi-species of fish. Just the sight of a fishing boat on a trailer going down the road, makes us want to go fishing.
You may have heard us say "There is a lot more to fishing than just catching fish".
For us, we enjoy the challenge of finding fish and determining how to catch those fish. This gives us a feeling of accomplishment while teaching us patience and the ability to work towards a goal.
Fishing has different meanings for every angler and for us it is to enjoy the elements of the great outdoors, the challenge, the excitement and unpredictable ness of fishing.
We are sure you may have heard Bill Dance say "Take a man fishing and you entertain him for a day, but teach him to fish and you will introduce him to a lifetime of joy".
Since people are competitive by nature, we want to be the best at what we do and fishing is just another form of competition.
Unlike many professional type sports such as basketball or football where you must have extraordinary abilities, fishing is an outdoor sport anyone can be equally as good at by spending time on the water and practice the techniques you were shown.
The great coach Vince Lombardi said "Winning is achieved through determination". The determination here is that you are competing against Mother Nature and her creatures so you may not always be successful.
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose at this game of fishing, there are No Guarantees.
To us, fishing provides the ultimate challenge even though we have not tournament fished for a few years, we still love this challenge.
Trying to fool a fish into striking our bait is the true challenge that keeps us coming back to learn more about a fishes habits. And the best way to learn about fishing is to go often and try something new each time.
We have found that there is no magic lure but only experience will help you become better at fishing.
Our fishing business allows us the opportunity and the satisfaction of sharing what we have learned about fishing with lots of fellow anglers. We can not think of many better ways to spend time together than FISHING, and this is so great since I can give my wife a fishing lure or rod for her birthday and she is thrilled.
I must say that during our time spent on the water, Linda as many women seem to have more patience and can be better anglers at times (sorry guys..).
The Bass Coach, Roger Lee Brown says after his fishing classes, couples will say "we should have done this years ago!"
Another joy for us is during our Kids Fishing Clinics to see kids get excited about fishing and you have seen the slogan "Get Kids Hooked On Fishing Instead Of Drugs". What makes it all worth it is seeing the kids go crazy when they catch a fish and if the parents bring their kids to our fishing clinics, the expressions on their faces too.
You may have seen the old adage "God does not deduct from man’s allotted time on earth the days he spends fishing".
We have not found any other sport with as much excitement, laughs and enjoyment, and we have tried several.
Fishing has become a big (major) part of our lives and we plan to continue fishing forever.
If you are still not sure What Is So Great About Fishing, we can only say "Give it a try and see for yourself".
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