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Fishing The Wind

  Here in Central Illinois where land is flatter, wind can be a factor in fishing. With all the weather changes these past years, wind has become a way of life. This has shown true the past few weeks and we know the wind can be a problem unless as anglers you learn how to make it work for you.
  Wind can truly help in catching fish and even though it can be annoying, there usually is some kind of cover or banks to be found to protect anglers. We always will check the windy side of a lake where wave action triggers fish feeding action. If there is no wind on the day we are out, we will work sections of a lake we know were wind swept a day or two before. You can recognize these areas by the dirtier water which is loaded with plankton that attracts baitfish that are followed by game fish. Another advantage of this dirty water early in the year is that it will warm sooner.
  Alright, letís get to how the wind can be your friend and work for your advantage in fishing. When wind blows into the shoreline, all kinds of aquatic life (plankton, minnows and small shad) are forced into area. When this happens, you can count on an entire food chain to develop and at the top of this chain are the predator fish we are all after.
  To fish wind-blown areas we will head to a point and as many, will position the boat out and face shore with wind at your back making it easier to cast. But as we look at what is going on here, we find those fish are facing the wind as it blows the baitfish right into their face. Therefore, be sure to try a few casts somewhat into the wind, which can at times be easier said than done, or set up so you bring your lure more into the face of the fish.
  Controlling the boat is important when it is windy and we have even seen some use an anchor to help hold their boat in place so they could fish that spot effectively. But casting is maybe the toughest thing to do in the wind with backlashes and the big bows in your line. This is where good gear will make life easier along with making firm casts and keeping your rod tip lower. As for lures, we find a crankbait to be productive and easier to control in wind.
  Other rewards of wind is on lakes with limited trees on shoreline, the wind can help to cool water temps during summer along with helping to raise oxygen levels. When the wind kicks up, it not only whips baitfish into shore but it also breaks up light penetration creating a more confident feeding zone for fish. Don't take us wrong, we Do Not mean to go out on the water in gale force winds as safety is the most important concern and, please do not take any unnecessary risks. If you are caught out on big lakes when the wind picks up, you will find it can cause major wave action. If caught out in this condition, you will be OK if you use common sense and being well prepared by wearing a life jacket and attach the kill switch. While heading back in, it is best to hit waves at a 45 and to keep your motor trimmed up halfway to avoid spearing through the waves. If you plan to be fishing on big waters, keep an awareness of the wind and use a boat best suited for those big waters and waves.
  Learning to work the wind with its advantages does take patience, but next time the wind is blowing, you will be ready for some good fishing action. Fishing calm water may be more comfortable, but there is nothing like the wind to turn on the fish. We hope these tips help you build confidence in how to take advantage of those windy days as you will now know that when the wind starts blowing into shore, this is where the fish are likely to be and so should you. Even though wind may be frustrating at times you may find you have those Good fishing spots all to yourself.
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  Till Next Time, GOD BLESS & GOOD FISHING !

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