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Herald & Review article on Fish is a healthier alternative to meat
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Sept.   20th   -   22nd   and   27th at Dawn & Dusk


Sept 23 – 24 Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days at Silver Springs State Park, Yorkville, IL   Show features fun for whole family with lots of Activities for kids & adults, with FREE admission. Learn more at:
Sept 23 – 24 Southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days at John A. Logan College in Carterville, IL to celebrate our heritage of hunting & fishing in Illinois. An educational, & Fun family event; with FREE admission & FREE parking.   More details at
Sept 30 - Capital City Charter of FISHING HAS NO BOUNDARIES, a nonprofit volunteer organization providing recreational fishing opportunities for people with disabilities will host this inaugural fishing event at Island Bay Yacht Club on Lake Springfield. Read more in this ARTICLE
Oct. 7th - Youth Fishing Day A great opportunity for kids to participate in a free fishing event, and free raffle for a bike in Spring Valley area. Hosted by Spring Valley Walleye Club,
Contact David Hall 815-326-3200 for info *AND if you are available to help with this event..!
Oct. 8 - Firestone Fall Classic 4th Annual Buddy Bass Tournament presented by Tom Finch Automotive & Independent Tire Dealers on Lake Jacksonville, 7am-3pm - Click HERE for Full Details - and/or HERE for Sign-Up sheet * Also benefits Mia Ware Foundation
Oct. 7th - The Fall Catch-and-Release Fly Fishing-Only Season Opens at nine select locations
Oct. 21st - The 2017 Illinois Fall Trout Fishing Season will open at 54 ponds, lakes, and streams throughout the state. Click HERE for details & lake locations..

The Illinois Bicentennial; A yearlong celebration taking place
  between Dec. 3, 2017 through Dec. 3, 2018 to commemorate
   our state´s 200th birthday.   More info HERE

- Illinois State Parks are great places to visit during fall Check them out
 The 2017-18 Illinois State Parks guide is available ONLINE


  * We lists mostly fishing-related events.
        Click HERE for a complete listing of IDNR events..


    YOUR   Boating  


Gun Creek Fin, Fur & Feathers Sportsmens Club   At Rend Lake
Check with them for all your Fishing or Hunting outfitter in the future !

    Heroes On The Water
Helping warriors & veterans relax, rehabilitate & reintegrate   through kayak fishing
    & the outdoors.

 For a piece of paradise
  at Kentucky Lake,  or
Great Business Opportunity for income while enjoying the outdoors and Good fishing;

  Contact   High Ridge Resort


After a day on Lake
See Amy Morrison
For Hair appointment




-- As Fisherman, we must stick together and share fishing tips with others.
- With Fall near, there will be changes as fish will be getting move active and move
into shallow water to feed. This will be Great time to get out for even some mid-day fishing.
Check out our
Oh so ready for Fall Fishing article for some tips.

- Many anglers detest the wind & look for areas to fish out of the wind, which can be a mistake.
It may be more difficult to fish in the wind, but it generally turns fish on to feed.
Wind stirs the entire food chain from algae to baitfish to bass. Fish from upwind and
cast downwind to target or even anchor if needed. Use the wind to your advantage.

- If you are consider hiring a local fishing guide
Check with those we have listed on our Fishing Reports page.

** Support our local Bait Shops to assure they will be there when we need them for fresh,
lively baits and current fishing info or advice as well as the latest tackle..!
  - Just a Thought..  

********** Give yourself the gift of time outdoors this year. ***********
Get Out and ENJOY..!

* Looking to save some money on your next fishing trip?
Make sure to browse timeshare resales for sale and rent by owner.
Timeshare resales that are for sale and rent by owner are
typically 70% off the price you´d pay at a resort or vacation home directly.
There are several timeshare resales available for rent around the Lake of the Ozarks.

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Do Not Forget - - FISHING IS MEANT TO BE FUN - -

  - Fish Facts:

  1952-1953 : The 1st Swedish-made Ambassadeur 5000 "red reels" were introduced
    to the United States by the Abu Garcia Fishing Tackle Company,
    and widely considered the state of the art in baitcasting..

  Did You Know the State of Illinois offers Awards for Big Fish, for Catch-and-Release and a Spear/Bow Fishing Award categories and more.
Check I Fish Illinois site or the awards page for details and where you can fill-in and print certificate.

* The New 2017 Illinois Fishing Information guide is now available in PDF format
on the IDNR website . Regulations in the guide are effective through March 31, 2018.
You can read or print a copy (This is a huge file so be prepared)

Fishing Quote:
- A pessimist complains about the wind..
- A optimist expects the wind to change  
  - A realist adjust their presentation & bait..

Tomorrow is never promised. Appreciate today !

If you are looking for a great deal on maybe the best fish mounting in Central Illinois,
E-mail me and I will give Phone Number.

For More Fishing photos,     or Check on our Fishing Reports page..

E-mail me at :

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I pray that God ´s great landing net will catch me in its sweep, and in his mercy, God will judge me big enough to keep.
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